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The Snyder & Hollenbaugh Difference

Many families wish to select a funeral home that can provide complete services for their loved one and their family

Here a just a few items the Snyder & Hollenbaugh Funeral & Cremation Services offer the families we serve


The Snyder & Hollenbaugh Funeral & Cremation Services own and operate our own crematory. When your loved one is in our care, that care or custody, is never outsourced to another provider. Every step of the cremation process is conducted by one of our licensed funeral directors, licensed interns or certified cremation specialists employed by the Snyder & Hollenbaugh Funeral & Cremation Services. Owning our own crematory gives comfort to the families, knowing their loved one is not being taken to another funeral home, another cremation facility or even out of state to another crematory.

When your loved one has chosen cremation, you should always ask your funeral or cremation provider if they own their own crematory. If the answer is "NO" should you not ask where your loved one is going and who is facilitating the cremation process?

Community Room

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The Geo. M. Wittich-Lewis Home for Funeral and Cremation Services offers the use of our onsite community room to the families we serve for luncheons following services. Many of our families choose to have the Geo. M. Wittich-Lewis Funeral Home make all of the necessary arrangements for their luncheon, which includes set-up, catering service and clean-up.


Here at the Snyder & Hollenbaugh Funeral & Cremation Services, we offer completely customized memorial products done in-house, never outsourced.

Some examples would include:

- Standard Memorial Package: includes Personalized Register Book, Personalized Memorial Folders, Personalized Thank Yous, Memory Video with up to 90 photos and family song selections and Bookmarks for all immediate family members.

Personalized Memorial Folders

Personalized Vault Tops

Personalized Funeral Service Place Mats

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The Snyder & Hollenbaugh Difference

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