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This is A Memorial Park

Lives are commemorated - deaths are recorded - memories are made tangible and love is undisguised. This is a Memorial Park.

Community’s accord respect - families bestow reverence - historians seek information - and our heritage is thereby enriched. This is a Memorial Park.

Testimonies of devotion – pride and remembrance are carved in stone and bronze to pay warm tribute to accomplishments and to the life - not the death of a loved one. This cemetery should show simplicity and reverence for all. This is a Memorial Park.

Flower Regulations

  • One floral decoration in a vase on a marker, or in a vase on a mausoleum crypt or niche, and one decoration on a regulation staff.
  • All flowers must be in a marker, mausoleum or niche vase or on a shepherd staff Except on the following holidays: Easter, Mother's Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day. Only during the five days following these holidays may the flowers remain on the ground. After five days the flowers will be removed.
  • Grave blankets and holiday wreaths may be placed on the graves after November 15th and will be removed March 15th. Other decorations will be removed after five days. It should be noted that grave blankets are a deterrent to grass growth and may result in unsightly graves.
  • Vase flowers and winter wreaths are available at the office.
  • Flags must be in a government holder. Flags in the ground or a vase will be removed.

Spring Clean up week is March 15

You may redecorate March 22

Fall Clean up week is October 15

You may redecorate October 22

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Eternal Light Guidelines

The night illumination of the memorial for a loved one is a fitting tribute, although the Eternal Light must conform to the simplicity and uniformity of a Memorial Park.

All Eternal Lights must be on a single stake applied directly into the ground. No hanging Eternal Lights from small stake applied directly into the ground. No hanging Eternal Lights from small stakes or shepherd staffs or Eternal Lights attached to full size shepherd staffs are allowed. The height of the Eternal Light shall not exceed 28 ½ inches from the ground to the top of the Eternal Light. It must have a stake to retain it in the ground in a solid manner so it does not tip and remains upright. Red would be the preferred color for the Eternal Lights.

In order to retain the simplicity and uniformity of the cemetery, it is suggested the Eternal Light be used during special times of the year and not be a permanent decoration. The use of a seven day candle rather than a solar light is recommended in a colored, round sleeve creates that the appearance or uniformity during the night hours.

Again, the cemetery recommends the simplicity created by the original Memorial Park with the use of only flowers in the vase of the memorial marker

Shepherd Staff Regulations

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  • One staff per marker with a single hook, black in color.
  • All staffs must meet the specific measurements as shown in the drawing below (except for Babyland.)
  • A staff must be coated with a black, rust proof sealant.
  • No shelves, ornaments, animals or other metal additions may be made to the staff, nor may any objects be tied to or leaned against the staff.
  • Shepherd staffs should be removed for the winter months from October 15 through March 15 to avoid damage.
  • Staffs not maintained and/or which do not have a floral decoration displayed on them will be removed.
  • Items placed may only be floral decorations of a hanging basket or a wreath. The Shepherd Staff may be wrapped with a single strand of garland.

The use of Shepherd Staffs is NOT consistent with the Memorial Park standards. For reasons of uniformity, maintenance and safety during the mowing season and in the winter when the ground freezes, Muscatine Memorial Park Cemetery DOES NOT recommend staffs as a decoration and is not responsible for their maintenance or the staff itself. If the Shepherd Staff does not conform to regulations or becomes unsightly or needs repair, it will be removed without notice

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